Monday, August 11, 2014

Onward, Christian Soldier!

(With Bishop Tobler's Daughter)

Well. I'm still sick. It has not been fun. This past week, we weren't as successful as we could've been because I slept in and we returned home early. But I needed the sleep so I could recover and prayed that I wouldn't get worse.

Guess what!!!! I have more mosquito bites. But, I've gotten smart now and am carrying around my bug repellent and making sure I spray some every time we go walking. I haven't been bitten lately, so it looks like it's a success!

My goodness. I don't think I've drank so much water in my life. Like, my entire life combined, as I have while here these two weeks. We drink so much. Which means, naturally, we have to stop for the bathroom SO MUCH. But it's good. It gives us a chance to talk to randoms in the stores. And to get hit on.... Which is not a plus. Haha. These two guys came and tried flirting and were gonna ask for my number. And he straight up said, "I came over to flirt with you, but then you started talking about Jesus". So, we continued talking about Jesus, and he said, "The whole reason I came over was to get your number...." So, that was definitely a bit awkward. Really. Sister Carroll says it's something that happens often and to get used to it and the awkwardness.

Speaking of Sister Carroll, she's still great. I still learn from her each day. She helps me be the best missionary I can and always puts things into the correct perspective. She has so many little quirks and it's fun to point them out. She and I get along so well, and are alike in many ways. She's the sweetest. It's sad to think that she leaves after this transfer and then I get a new trainer for the second half of my training. I'm not too sure how that's gonna work out. But they would bring in a new trainer that is new to this area. Which means, I will have to know everything about the investigators, the recent converts, the less-actives, and the ward, so that I can teach her all about them. No pressure or anything!
(Oh, Arkansas..... Spider on our car)

When I was sick and just not feeling up to anything, I opened one of the "open when you need an extra push/scrutinizing".... It said, "WOMAN, SUCK IT UP. Go baptize someone." That seriously, made my day and really put things in perspective. There are people that are suffering so much more than me. So, why am I wallowing in pain and sickness when people don't even have hope for this life?! So, guess what Sister Carroll and I did? We went and found someone to baptize!

Benji and Nacha (and Nacha's daughter, Edisca). They are incredible. They have recently moved here from the Virgin Islands. We taught them the first lesson, invited them to read, pray and come to church. We also invited them to be baptized on August 30th, and they said yes! (When I say "we", I mean me... I invited my first peoples to come to church and to be baptized!!! ON THE FIRST VISIT!) Benji then came to church. And thought it was very different and had questions. We are meeting again with them tomorrow (:

We also went with a member and taught Joshua and Leroy. We met them as they were sitting out on their porch and we scheduled to come back and teach. So, we did. We taught the first lesson. Joshua seemed really interested and had some good insights because he has a strong religious background. We invited him to read the Book of Mormon and he seemed genuinely interested. We're trying to meet with them again soon!

Life here in the mission field is pretty great. I'm starting to do things. Meaning, I talk to the Ward Mission Leader and give him the progress report for the week, I wrote up my first teaching record for the area book, and I'm inviting people to learn more of how they can increase their faith in Jesus Christ. It's amazing and I'm learning so much.

This week, I've really learned how much I rely on my Savior, and how much He's played a part in my life. Seriously, I would not be where I am and who I am today without His hand in my life. He's directed my paths so I can be here in Arkansas and teach the people I've met and will meet. He's done so much for me and has taught me so much. I've come to a real understanding of what it means by "faith precedes miracles". Once I put my trust in the Lord and turn to Him, then that is when miracles can happen, and have happened. As I turn to Him in prayer, and as I read, I feel prompted to do things and go places. Every time, we meet SOMEONE that needs to hear the Gospel, or that knows someone that can benefit from hearing the Word of God. It is truly incredible. And I love how much closer I have come to my Father in Heaven as I'm here. It's truly a humbling experience.
"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5-6
I have come to know the truth of this scripture. Heavenly Father will literally show you where you need to go as you turn to Him and recognize that He knows more than we ever could. As you do this, you will come to notice how much the Lord wants to help you.


Which Kingdom Will I Inherit???? Is that even a question?!?!? CELESTIAL!

We made this is church in our Gospel Principles class. Benji really liked it and it leads right into our next lesson on the Plan of Salvation. (:

Do you get it? My life is a book and the book of life will open up and I'll be judged according to my works and the desires of my heart.