Monday, September 8, 2014

God Be With You Till We Meet Again

I can hardly even gather my thoughts for this week. It's been a rough and off week.

Last Monday, we went bowling for Sister Carroll's last P-day. There were about 12 of us missionaries that went. Elder Hymas (from the MTC) and his companion, came up as well, so that was cool to see him. We had a real fun time. The first game, I think I had about 75 points, and then the second game, I had 104 points. Sweet! Progression.
My wonderful trainer and I at the Bowling Alley!)

(Gone Bowlin'!)
During the week, it was really off, and not even for just me and Sister Carroll. We had Zone Meeting and all the other companionships have said that things haven't been working out for them these past few weeks either. We know though, that that means that great things are about to happen. And we are all so excited.

Zone Meeting was really neat because we focused on our purpose. The Zone Leaders were sharing with us the importance of being truly converted to our purpose. As we do that, it is natural to want to invite others to come unto Christ.

We have a Mission Goal of 100 baptisms in the month of November. So far, our max per month has been about 60, or so. The whole mission is getting really excited for the goal and we're all getting pumped. A lot of the missionaries are not very motivated lately though, because things haven't been all too great. I'm glad that I am still new and have my innocence shell around me and don't know too much of what is good and what isn't.

Sister Johnston, Sister Carroll, and I outside the Razorback Submarine)
On Saturday, Sister Carroll and I had P-day, since she leaves. Sister Johnston, a lady in the ward who looks EXACTLY like Kate Hudson, took us out. We went to some submarine called the "Razorback" that has been used in wars and such. It was really cool! And small, and claustrophobic-ey.

After the submarine, we went over to Central High, which is the first school that had Blacks and Whites enrolled. It was really neat to read all the history behind it. They have a little Visitor's Center inside that we went to and read all about the experience. It's crazy what they all went through and how hard it was for them.

The Johnston's then took us out to a restaurant called "Flying Fish". It's a super southern food restaurant full of fish foods. I got some grilled chicken sandwich. It was pretty good.
(It's crazy that it even looked like this in the 60s)

(Central High... It seriously looks like a castle)
(At Flying Fish restaurant. They had SOOO many singing fishes on the walls)
Anyways, this week has been crazy busy. We've tried to see everyone before Sister Carroll left. Nothing was working out and all things were falling through. It's also been incredibly emotional. Sister Carroll left yesterday and goes home officially on Tuesday. Transfers are this Wednesday. So, I am with the ASL Sisters until then, and then I'll be getting my new trainer. It was very sad to see Sister Carroll go. She has taught me so much. But, I know I will see her again. If not in this life, then in the Celestial Kingdom! (:

Even when things get rough, there's still always a sense of hope. I love that about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And I love the stress on humility. This week, I've been studying the attributes of Christ. I've been studying, and reading, and praying, and searching myself to know which areas and characteristics I need to work on. The top two areas are 'patience' and 'humility'.

Humility is pretty much coming to a knowledge of the glory of God and knowing of your nothingness. It's being meek, poor in spirit, submissive, and teachable. Rather than boasting of yourself and your goodness, you boast of God (Alma 26:12). I know that I am nothing without Him, but with Him, I am everything.

Going along with humility comes patience. He does all things, in His own timing. For He knows all. In Psalms 46:10, it said "Be still and know that I am God". That's a powerful statement. Knowing that He is God and that I am nothing without Him, I can exercise my trust in Him and fully submit to His will and be patient, for He works all things for my good, but at the time that HE seeth fit.

I know that as we strive to win mastery over ourselves, we can become more like our Heavenly Father. He has paved the way for us. We just have to exercise our trust and defeat the natural man. As we do that, the Lord will help us overcome the challenges we face and give us the strength to suffer opposition without anger or frustration. And we remove our doubt, we will come to "see God". When we become humble, we will understand His greatness.