Monday, January 4, 2016

Come, Let Us Anew

This week definitely was a trying one, to say the least.

(Pomeranian/Shih Tzu. She reminded me 
a lot of Angel (my dog back home).)
I finally was able to meet Carolyn (the Deaf lady)! We went in just planning to introduce ourselves and basically do "How To Begin Teaching" with her, however, it definitely went a different way. She was soooo very interested and was wanting more. She simply was not satisfied with the little that we shared. So basically, I went into signing the Restoration for her (which I had never done before, so it was pretty rough). She LOVED it and was anxious to meet again. I am so excited to teach her and to have her come to church. It will be great, once I actually learn how to do the discussions more clearly in sign language. I've been taking some time to do language study, which has been beneficial. Especially since the Elders also gave us a referral to another Deaf lady. Whoooo!

Happy New Year!!!! Our New Year's Eve was spent like this.... We were at the church for basketball, left because it was over and went home to change and get ready to go to our dinner appointment. Our District Leader texted us and told us to go back to the church. We had dinner in a half hour. He said change of plans and to meet them at their house in Jacksonville, which was about a 20-30min drive from us. Basically, we had to completely postpone our dinner appointment. We arrived in Jville and they told us we were to go on exchanges with their sisters. Which meant, pretty much cancelling our dinner appointment. So, we drove back to Cabot, Sis Eckley got her things, and we drove back to the church (in Jville) to exchange with them.

Sister Hyer and I were together in Cabot and we went to our dinner appointment at 7:30pm (originally set for 6pm). The Elders decided to take it from us, and so when we arrived, they had finished dinner. The meal wasn't quite appetizing either........ It was chicken kabobs. But, the chicken was a chicken that Elder Phillips had killed from their house. And Elder Butler has the chicken foot (hanging from their car rear view mirror). That was hard to stomach. Oh! And two nights in a row, I had pot roast... I am leaning more and more towards fully being vegetarian. I am not a fan of all this meat... Anyways, after dinner, they had a bonfire with hot chocolate. We couldn't stay too long because of curfew, but it was great. So, my New Year's Eve was me in my apartment, going to sleep at 10:30pm. Happy 2016!!

We had interviews with President Wakolo this week, too. Which was super great. Man, he is definitely called of God. I truly feel so blessed to have such a wonderful Mission President who cares so deeply.

I'm grateful for the knowledge that I have that I am never alone. In life, we all go through some hard times, but it's a comfort to know that the Lord is with us. This year, I am looking forward to noticing His hand in my life more abundantly. He truly is there with me every step of the way, and I plan to recognize Him and show forth gratitude for all that my loving Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ do for me each and every day. I invite y'all to do the same! When we realize all those tender mercies and acknowledge Him in our day to day lives, we can see and feel His love for us so much more deeply. When we show gratitude towards Him, He is more willing to bless us in even greater amounts.

So say goodbye to the selfish and ungrateful person of 2015, and say hello to the selfless and full of gratitude you of 2016! (:

Sister Jessica Ann Smith

P.S. Sister Eckley and I are being Emergency Transferred (ET). They are closing Cabot 2, sadly. So no more sisters. I have just started to know all the members here, and now I'm leaving. But I know that it's the Lord's will. I am leaving tonight to Otter Creek (in Little Rock), and Sister Eckley is going right next door to Jacksonville. We both will be in trios. Since no missionaries are taking our place, there is A LOT of packing and cleaning to get done today....

(Well, that's the South for you, I guess. Pastors that are on fire.
Don't worry. Sister Eckley and I are now official firefighters! (:)