Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I Have Work Enough To Do

I don't even know where to begin...

I am in a new area. Back to Little Rock, except a different ward from where I started my mission. It's great to be back in my birth city. I FINALLY heard the word "finna" used in a sentence (i.e. I'm finna get my hair done). It is the more uneducated way to say "fixin' to", which means basically "getting ready to" or "going to".

I finally had expressed how much I loved my area in Cabot. I LOVED it, so so so much. I loved the area, all the camo and beards, the members, my companion, and the few investigators and potentials that we had. My goodness... The members. They truly were the best. And now, I left it, and I left them.

It is hard to get situated in my new area. Mainly because it's a two person apartment and now there are three people here. There's no place for all my things. I am still living out of my suitcase. That adds to feeling as though I'm not really in this area. I got added to a companionship that already has there things set and work together, and then there's me that knows nothing about the area. Heck, they hardly even know the members (including the active ones). So it's definitely been a struggle.

I don't know why I was yanked from the place that I loved, in the middle of the transfer. But, I know that President Wakolo is called of God and that I am needed here with the Otter Creek sisters. There is one plus side to this whole ordeal... The Little Rock ward (which is my ward) is the same as the ASL sisters. Which means... We have Deaf members!!! I am way stoked to meet them! I know a couple of them already from last year. I will actually be interpreting for different meetings and such. A member from the ward that interprets was excited to hear that I know sign because then she won't have to interpret entire meetings. The ASL sisters interpret for Priesthood, but she would be the one that would sign for Relief Society always.

This lady (the interpreter), Sister Loken is super great. She has five boys: Peter Andrew - 16; John Hyrum - 14; Phillip Isaac - 12; Joseph Timothy - 10; and Daniel Bjorn - 7. They are the craziest family, ever...especially being a household of all boys. We had dinner at their house and I was just eating it up! Being there simply made me realize how even more stoked I am to have my own family. Surprisingly, now I am looking forward to having boys, too. Which I have never really been wanting. But they were just the cutest. Gahhh. I love children. #ChildStealer 

Oh! And I may have made it so Phillip and Daniel have a slight crush on me. It's simply wonderful! They are just so adorable.

I'm continuing with my best efforts to keep a smile on my face and a joy in my step. Change is tough, but I know that I'm where the Lord needs me. So, I will continue to serve with all of my heart, might, mind, and strength!

Sister Jessica Ann Smith

(Elder Butler and Clark thought to try on Sister Eckley's jacket that we just bought from Walmart (I have the same one... Love that camo!). It's a size XL in kids... They thought they were cool.)