Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Lead Me Into Life Eternal

(My companions!! Sister Arnold 
and Sister Taylor (from Iowa))
Hello friends (:

Well. It's a new transfer, and we have a new sister added to me and Sister Arnold. Her name is Sister Taylor and she's from Iowa. She is pretty great! I love her bunches and I absolutely love serving with Sister Arnold and Taylor together.

(I cut off my hair)
So! We had a totally awesome experience this past week!! We've been seeing an older lady (Brenda) and her daughter (Susan) for a couple weeks now. For the past year, they have been meeting with missionaries. However, they were forgotten for a time. We found them again via a referral. They haven't really been progressing, like at all. BUT! That has now changed. We saw them four times this past week. They are reading the Book of Mormon together and asking questions and figuring things out via the Spirit which is what we do believe. The last time we were there, we asked if they'd be interested in a Priesthood Blessing and we explained what it was because they have been having an incredibly rough time lately. So, we brought a couple ward members over and the blessings were simply beautiful. Both women cried. We finally had a breakthrough with them and they FINALLY are allow the Spirit to enter in and are recognizing it. It was such a neat experience. I have so much love for them and it is so great to watch their progression and coming closer to being in alignment with what our Heavenly Father wants for them. It's great to be that guide. Now, if only they will attend church!!

(You see that house/trailer? That whole 
scenery is VERY typical for here. I love it.)
We've had a lot of fun this week and are keeping ourselves active and busy trying to see all the people that we can!

The ward has been helping us out a lot, too. It's been way great!

Anyways... That's all for this week!

Love y'all!!!
Sister Jessica Ann Smith
(We got some Sonic milkshakes 
and slushes! Much goodness)
(Wkind of ended up in the middle of no where
and then found a water park! So, naturally,
we had to take a picture.)