Monday, February 8, 2016

As Zion's Youth in Latter Days

(It was a rough day out tracting, so we took
a short break at the playground. I was a little
kid once again on the baby swing!)
(At the end of said "rough day",
we piled on the couch...
This week was quite miraculous and incredibly magnificent. I absolutely LOVE my companions. We have SO much fun together and it makes the missionary work more doable. They are great and we all uplift and strengthen each other in abundance.

We discovered this last week how we can help the ward, because it needs help. Basically, the members haven't trusted missionaries in quite some time. So, our task is to gain the trust of the members! Which, hopefully, shouldn't be too daunting of a feat. We are doing our best to visit everyone in the ward, including active members, semi-active members, and less actives. It's been a lot of driving, but all is well!

Oh! I am the designated driver! I don't think that I mentioned that last week! So yea. Driving. In Little Rock. With horrible roads. And not many road signs. Loads of speed bumps. It's great. Haha. But it's nice to be driving again.
(We got a cactus!!!!! Named Smarlor!)
Combination of names SMith-ARnold-tayLOR

We've had some new investigators, and we've had to drop some that we thought were golden and then weren't, but ya know...that's missionary life. You can't save em all (but you still "gotta catch 'em all")!

We've been blessed to have our Ward Mission Leader's sweet 16yr old daughter come out teaching with us. It actually has been an eye-opener for us. She has not been shaped to that "missionary mold". When we would have the exact answer and the exact scripture to pull out to rebuttle the (because it's been indoctrinated into us), she simply would testify purely. She didn't have the "missionary voice" and she spoke from her heart which was able to touch their hearts. It was a great reminder to me, as well as to Sister Arnold and Taylor, that testifying is how we can bring the Spirit unto those that we are teaching. I was grateful for that learning experience.

(We went bowling for Pday today!!!)
Sister Jessica Ann Smith
(Dinner at Stuckey home -- Ward Mission Leader)