Monday, August 18, 2014

Two Missionaries Sang As They Walked, And Walked, And Walked, And Walked......

(I really did not want to ride my bike....)
This week, it was bike week. Which means, walk week. Walking. And more walking. And wait for it, more walking. Holy. It was hot, and the sun was shining, and every time I came in from outside, I felt like I just stepped out of the shower. And it wasn't even as hot as it normally gets here in Arkansas. Can you believe that?! Yesterday, it was thundering and lightninging. And then this morning it rained. It's weird here. Luckily, now we're done with bikes/ walking. Sister Carroll thought it would be funny to "practice" biking the other day. So around 8pm, we went biking for about 30 minutes, and it was HORRIBLE. I was struggling SO much. I despise hills, greatly. But, if we turn to the Lord and humble ourselves, "He will make weak things become strong". So, that's what I'm shooting for!

(Me and Sister Carroll)
One thing I've learned greatly is how much the Lord truly watches over us and wants to lead us. I've learned that as I turn to Him, I can be shown the paths I should take.

Sister Carroll and I have been trying MANY times to try and see a less-active in the ward, but she never answered. After we tried it one day, we said we'll try ONE more time on another date and then give her some space for a while. When we passed through her area again, on that same day, we met a man outside her house. His name is Charles. We came to find out that they were living together. We got to talking with him for a bit and he said to come by again some time. It's incredible how the Lord works. We were trying our best, and He placed Charles in our hands.

On our first day of bike week, we made 5 contacts. And the following day, we contacted TEN people. It was amazing. The next three days, EVERYTHING we had planned had fallen through, including our back up plans. For two days, we taught ZERO lessons. Heavenly Father knew that would happen, which is why we were so blessed abundantly the previous days. He knows what is to come. It's amazing how much can happen when you put your trust in Him.

Yesterday, I put my Hymn book in my bag, and I had no idea why. I didn't need it at Church, because there are already Hymn Books. Anyways, nothing worked out like we planned yesterday. Sister Carroll said "Let's go see Billie". And off we went. Billie is in a rehabilitation center and we go and sing Hymns to her. And luckily, I had my Hymn book. Except, I know it wasn't luck, but rather, the Lord prepared me for the day. He knows EVERYTHING!
(Me, Billie, and Sister Carroll)
Another miracle happened this week, as well. We met this lady named Otha and scheduled to meet her the next day. Upon arriving at the designated teaching spot, she told us she couldn't make it. If it wasn't for that falling through, and us being at that park that day, we would not have met the Deal Family. Laura (pronounced like Dad's sister) has been attending church with her aunt since she was 7 years old, and she is now 15. She has not been baptized, because her parents wouldn't let her. They aren't from Little Rock but are here because their mom got surgery and was at the hospital. We ran into them again at Subway later that day for dinner and were able to get her number. The next day, we went to the hospital to leave a prayer with her family. Later, she contacted us and asked if she, her younger brother, and her dad, could meet for a lesson later. So, we taught the Restoration to those three. Afterwards, she asked her dad if she could be baptized, and he said YES!!!!!

If we hadn't met Otha, if the plans hadn't fallen through, and if we hadn't met Laura, and then saw them again at Subway and got their number, we would've never taught the lesson, and her parents wouldn't have been allowing her to be baptized before she was 18. Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways. But it's always for the benefit of His children. I am so grateful that everything worked out in the way it did, so that we could meet Laura.

One other Miracle. Sister Carroll and I were walking along the road heading to dinner. Out of nowhere, a man appeared. He said he was Mormon and from Texas. He offered to pay for our meal. Afterwards, he disappeared. Sister Carroll and I truly believe that he was one of the Three Nephites. He appeared suddenly, offered to help, and then was gone in an instant. Again, I was able to experience God's love. He seriously does watch over His children. And as long as we turn to Him and have faith in His dealings, all things will happen for our benefit and for the benefit of building up the Kingdom of God.
(I had a butterfly on me... Seriously made my day!)

I love this mission. I love these people. And I love the Lord. I am willing to forsake my own wants, desires, and dreams in order to align mine with my Father so that I can TRULY give it all to Him. I will have no regrets.