Thursday, January 21, 2016

Don't Really Have Anything To Say

Jessica said she didn't do a newsletter this week because nothing really happened. She sent me some funny and interesting thoughts and some photos that I would like to share with you. Next week are transfers, so she is waiting to hear what happens. She said it is going okay with her two other companions. She has been struggling with her back pain, but was able to get approval to see an Orthopedic Surgeon there, so I sent her MRI results for him to see.

(Sister Quick, Arnold, and me (:)
I don't know if I will be sending out a newsletter... I don't really have anything to say...

I don't have a car this week. It's really rough. No Bueno. My back is NOT doing that great. At all.

Mom. I could potentially marry the Brother of Jared, or Captain Moroni, or Moroni (the son of Mormon). If I die before I get married, I would just be sealed to someone during the Millennium. IT COULD BE SOMEONE FROM THE BOOK OF MORMON TIMES! So, basically, I have had a guardian angel watching over me throughout the entire span of my life. It's my husband who died 2000 years ago. No big deal.

Elder Robert D. Hales is VERY frail... It looks like he will be going next, and soon. :( We had a broadcast for the stake (well, for all the stakes in the southeast area of the country), and Elder Hales was presiding. He does NOT look like he is doing too well. Just for your information.. I thought you would be interested in knowing that, so that when he passes on, it wouldn't be such a shock. I don't remember how he was doing at General Conference this past October, but I don't remember him looking this bad....

This made a question arise.... If you looks at all the Apostles, they seem to be reasonable right in the mind (well, apart from President Monson who is struggling). So my question is... Does the Lord bless the people He calls and give them the ability to still be strong in the mind? Orrr... Does He take them before they go south (meaning, allow them to die before their mind goes away..)? What are your thoughts? That was just a random thought that came to my mind while watching Elder Hales.

I love you!!! Thank you for all that you do for me!
Sister Jessica Ann Smith
(I held a bunny!)