Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Let The Holy Spirit Guide

It sure has been an interesting week, no doubt about it. I've been continuing to go to the chiropractor throughout the week. I don't really see much progression, but we'll see how it goes. My doctor contacted my Mission President and we got back some not so great news. Mission Medical says that I'm not allowed back until I'm healed 100%. Also, I'm not permitted maintenance checkups with the doctor when I return. President Wakolo said that instead of going back for the October transfer, rather I should wait it out longer and not go back until the end of November. Even then, if Mission Medical won't allow maintenance checkups frequently, I'm not sure if I'll be able to meet the requirements of being 100% and only going to the chiropractor, at most, once a month.
(First AWFUL haircut fixing. Too short)

(Even shorter, plus darker... Goodbye blonde)

Last week, I stopped by the Mission Office and set up to go help out there on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I was able to attend an office luncheon, which was nice. I also attended Institute. I've been receiving letters and phone calls saying "welcome back from your mission. Post mission, it's good to attend Institute with YSA to keep the spirit", or something along those lines. Funny...... But anyways, I found a companion to go with me, and off we went. It was some deep doctrine. I had to explain myself to the class, as well, so that was just faaantastic.

With my daddy, I went to the Ward Missionary Correlation Meeting. We were able to discuss the less actives and the recent convert that my dad and I met last week. It was really neat. And boy, are things run differently here then back in Arkansas! It's crazy how different missions are run.

Back - Elder Cottom, Kohl Stanford, Sister Smith, Leslie Smith
Front - Elder Rainey, Elder Loosli, Elder Mennenga
We had a Deaf Social on Saturday, that mama and I went to. It was actually really fun! We played basketball and Uno! There weren't too many people there -- just the four missionaries, a recent convert, and a partially blind-deaf man. It was loads of fun though. Then Katie Manning and I were able to go to the Deaf Branch the next day for church. President Choi (the Seattle Mission President) was there, and stayed for all three hours! It was way neat. He spoke in Sacrament, and then also during Sunday School, we had a Q&A session with him. He's of the Seventy, so it was a unique experience. I was also able to interpret for Roy again (one of the Deaf-Blind men in the Branch). It was a great learning experience. I seriously love that Branch so much.

(Michelle Lynne Hirschi... About 4hrs old)
Some other exciting news..... Kayla (my sister) had her baby on Tuesday! Her name is Michelle Lynne, and she is the cutest! I've been in and out of the hospital the past couple of days with them. It's all very exciting. And I'm so glad that I'm able to be here for this time with her, as well as with Kayla.

I met with my Stake President last night. We discussed about returning and about staying. He will be contacting my Mission President, as well as Mission Medical. But it looks like I may not be returning... With the requirements of Mission Medical and with the condition I am in with my back and all the pain, it may not be permitted for me to return back to Arkansas to complete my mission.

Again, I still continue to learn so much of what the Lord wants of me. It's times like these, of difficult decision-making, that I realize how much the Lord truly does guide my life. He knows what I need, and He knows what is best for me. I wish that I can continue to be more patient with the Lord's timing. As I remember His desires for me, I know that I can never go wrong. He will fully, and completely lead me to the paths I should take as I continue to study, fast, and pray.

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